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Timor Leste Art Residency

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For one week Giovanni C. Lorusso and myself have been undertaking our Artist in Residence Project in Dili, Timor Letse and have been working with local Timorese artist Alfeo Perreira from Timor Art school Arte Moris. Today we have been joined by our fourth collaborating artist Kiki Ando.

Alfeo has been working as a freelancer illustrator, storyboard and comic artist, using both freehand and digital methods.

Days are filled with exploring, observations, art making and conversations that surround ways of life, social needs and norms, politics, interests and the many different ways to visually describe reality and ideas.

For the past week we have been collecting visual material, researching local poetry, drawing, playing music but most importantly making puppets.

 All the images featured in this blog have been taken by Giovanni C. Lorusso. Giovanni has prolifically captured aspects of Dili and everyday life that can be checked out at




Dili | Working with artists and musicians from Arte Moris to create a short experimental stop animation film using hand puppets from wire and salvaged materials including plastic, paper, cardboard and bottles from wherever possible for structure, limbs and bodies of the puppets.